Advertising is a major element of a company’s marketing plan. It involves the development and delivery of paid advertisements through mass media, which attempt to persuade customers to behave in a certain way. Objectives of ads vary, but the overall intent is to attract and retain loyal customers. Long-term Branding Long-term branding is the ongoing

Mindset and the Key to Success

This about mindset and successful business and team. *This article first appeared in IT World Canada*. In her 2006 bestselling book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Stanford University professor Carol Dweck identified two distinct, opposing mindsets: Fixed mindset — Success is a direct result of intelligence and talent. The belief that essential qualities, like talent and intelligence,


Although we use these terms interchangeably in popular culture, there is, in fact, a world of difference between a leader and a boss. Among other things, leaders empower, encourage, and inspire, rather than ruling through fear and stress. Here are five differences between the two–and some actionable mindsets for bosses to become leaders. 1 Be

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