In the previous article we has learn about The Elements in Graphic Design. Maybe you are still confused and ask, “About the design I made, if one of the elements does not exist, is it not including a design?

If you ask and have such a question. Maybe you got the wrong understanding from last week’s explanation. Elements in graphic design are intended to facilitate us as a designer in understanding the methods, or elements that should be there. It does not have to be there!

HandSkills Element in graphic design

Like a house, requires elements or materials such as cement, stone, sand, wood, tile, ceramic and so on.

The question is, if the house without stone. Can it be called a house? Of course the answer is! Because the house is not always stone, there is a wooden house with no stone elements at all. So vice versa, whether a wooden house can be called a house? Of course the answer could be. Because at this time in general house using wooden wall. Even today there is a house without the use of stone and wood, but using glass, iron and aluminum as a rodent!

His true home is a shelter. And the same as with graphic design. Graphic design is actually the design drawings that we make. If one element does not exist, then that does not mean eliminating the essence of the meaning of graphic design itself.

Back again to elements in graphic design. If the design without lines is not a design. So a lettering generally does not see the line. If the design without color is not a design. So the HandSkills logo is not a design. Because it only uses black, and according to some explanation that black is not a color.

So for the discussion yesterday finished. We will begin to enter our discussion this week, which is Good Design is.

Good design is ...

How Good is The Design?

There are several criteria of a good categorized design. Viewed from the design aspects that we make, as well as from the side of a designer mentally.

  • Here are some criteria of a design is considered good from the design aspect that we make

  1. Contains a Meaning

We are all currently easy to meet and see the gallery of a designer. Either through instagram, tumblr, path, dribbble and so on. We’ll meet designers with less followers.

We may look at the designs in their portfolios, and say. The designs they are very interesting when viewed. So we imitate and make designs like them. But did you know that good design is not seen from the look or shape of a good design. But good design is a design that has a deep meaning and save a dream.

  1. Pay Attention to the Application

A good design will also pay attention to where the design is applied. How far the position of our eyes and the design, our eyes are still able to capture the design. No matter how small the size of a design it will remain recognizable.

That’s how good design is. We as designers should not only pay attention and include texture elements, and complex details. Because a good design should be applied in media and long distances.

  1. Fulfilling Standard of Functions and Implementation

Associated with the first and second points. As a designer should pay attention to what functions and where a design that we make will be applied.

So it is important for us who wrestle in the activity as a graphic designer to learn some things related to elements or elements in a graphic design.

Like learning the meaning of a color, shape, thickness of a line, font type and so on. It works so that every curve and shape that we make, has meaning and meaning. Not arbitrary in placing an object.

Why a meaning, detail and standard function is an important aspect if we want a design that we are well categorized well. Because the main purpose of a graphic design is to provide an identity, give color and give influence to the person who saw it. In addition, people who see the design we create will get specific information about the object of a design itself. We can not arbitrarily give a circle pattern, or give a rectangular pattern. We can not carelessly give blue or red. Because all sides and objects contained in a graphic design should have a purpose why it exists, and has meaning in every corner!


  • Good design from the mental aspect of a designer.

  1. Not Speed, But Carefulness

The mistake that is often done by a designer is to want the design that we make quickly completed. Indeed the design requires a high level of focus. We can not to make our designs instantly. We need time for observation, needing to understand from our observations. Finding and composing from each observation, being the right and representative object. When you have finished getting the object that is considered appropriate and representative, then we go into the stage of workmanship. After that the process of contemplation before the design that we make we publish. The stages are so long, do not be in a hurry. Once a design, once learned from experience, once increases the value of a design!

  1. Stay With Our Mood!

It is undeniable that humans have different flavors in every time. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and sometimes angry. What we must do as a designer is able to control our emotions so that the design we create is not affected by the psychological that we have!

Design does not represent us, but a design is the image of something we want to describe.

That’s what we should look and do, so that the design we create is categorized as a good design. This paper is not a standard and binding rule. Of course every human has his own taste and point of view about an object he sees. Although some of the points already described above are not a standard rule that designers must do. But at least we know, the standard that needs to be prepared as what. So that we can improve the quality of our design to be better again in every time.

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