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75% of customers agree a professional email address is key to building trust with a small business, according to GoDaddy. In an era where consumers are increasingly wary of scams, we can all agree that isn’t going to land many clients.

In this guide, we explain the 3 simple rules to creating a professional email address. First and foremost, you need to use your own domain. Then, apply a standard email format that looks professional.

Get a Professional Email Address

When you’re ready to create your email address, our free business email address guide will show you how to get setup if you already have a website.

Rule #1: Always Use Your Own Domain

To leave the best impression with your email address, the first thing you need to do is buy your own domain. In other words, use instead of or

Years ago, a custom domain was a mark of professionalism. It showed experience and dedication that you chose to buy a domain for your email address (and presumably, created a website too). Today, however, it’s more of an expectation. Custom domains are cheaper than ever, and it takes just 15 minutes to create an email address with one. Visit Senmel

Other Reasons To Custom Your Email Adress

Though avoiding unprofessionalism is often the biggest reason to purchase a adress, there’s a few others to keep in mind:

Cleaner and More Memorable Email

On a more practical level, custom domains address allow you to create simpler and cleaner email user names. With a generic provider like Gmail, you probably won’t be so fortunate to find availableInstead, you’ll have to opt for something like, which isn’t nearly as memorable.

In Senmel you can create:

Its the best way being professional!

With your own email, you literally get first dibs on whatever name you want. A custom domain email address will be easier to communicate, whether you’re shouting it across the room or printing it on business cards. It will also be easier for customers to remember and associate with your business.

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