Advertising is a major element of a company’s marketing plan. It involves the development and delivery of paid advertisements through mass media, which attempt to persuade customers to behave in a certain way. Objectives of ads vary, but the overall intent is to attract and retain loyal customers. Long-term Branding Long-term branding is the ongoing

GOOD DESIGN IS (Idenity Design Perspective)

In the previous article we has learn about The Elements in Graphic Design. Maybe you are still confused and ask, “About the design I made, if one of the elements does not exist, is it not including a design?

If you ask and have such a question. Maybe you got the wrong understanding from last week’s explanation. Elements in graphic design are intended to facilitate us as a designer in understanding the methods, or elements that should be there. It does not have to be there!

HandSkills Element in graphic design

Like a house, requires elements or materials such as cement, stone, sand, wood, tile, ceramic and so on.

The question is, if the house without stone. Can it be called a house? Of course the answer is! Because the house is not always stone, there is a wooden house with no stone elements at all. So vice versa, whether a wooden house can be called a house? Of course the answer could be. Because at this time in general house using wooden wall. Even today there is a house without the use of stone and wood, but using glass, iron and aluminum as a rodent!

His true home is a shelter. And the same as with graphic design. Graphic design is actually the design drawings that we make. If one element does not exist, then that does not mean eliminating the essence of the meaning of graphic design itself.

Back again to elements in graphic design. If the design without lines is not a design. So a lettering generally does not see the line. If the design without color is not a design. So the HandSkills logo is not a design. Because it only uses black, and according to some explanation that black is not a color.

So for the discussion yesterday finished. We will begin to enter our discussion this week, which is Good Design is.

Good design is ...

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